Friday, September 30, 2011

Tumpong (Philippines bamboo flute)

The tumpong (also impact on Maranao) is a type of Philippine bamboo flute used by Maguindanaon, half the size of the largest bamboo flute, the palendag. A flute of the lips, as the valley palendag the tumpong beeps when players INCI blowing through a bamboo GELDÄ° placed in the top of the instrument and the air stream produced is passed over a vent on the instrument . This masculine instrument is usually played at family gatherings at night and now the most common flute plays Maguindanaon.


I'm from the Philippines also and I was amazed with the fact that even a Japanese bamboo flute looks simple in appearance but it is actually very difficult to play. I've read that if plays by the master this Shakuhachi Flute create an amazing, subtle, sensual music - prized as being perfect for meditation and relaxation. It’s beautiful, soulful sound made that best hear when you are taking a good rest or about to sleep. A must have shakuhachi flute!

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